Food Prep… Don’t get overwhelmed

Food Prep…I don’t have time for that!

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard those words from friends who are just too busy, too tired, or just don’t know where to start to plan a food prep.

Well, never fear!  Fit Wife is here to show you what I buy and how I prep my food for the week (Honestly, it doesn’t take that long!  I swear!)

Part 1:  Plan your meals

At my house, we have a few go to meals that we both like that we can cook a couple of days ahead of time.

  • Turkey Meatloaf
  • Baked Chicken
  • Shredded Slow Cooker Chicken
  • Turkey Casserole
  • Protein Pancakes

Part 2:  Go shopping

Here’s an example of our weekly haul…

Displaying photo 3.JPG


I like to go early in the morning Saturday or Sunday so that I can get in and get out.  Stick to the outer aisles; produce, meat, dairy, and make sure you eat before you go and have a list so you don’t stray when those fresh baked pastries are calling your name.

Part 3:  Here comes the prep…

So I actually timed myself this time.

I started at 9:30 AM and ended at 10:15 AM.

In 45 minutes I did the following:

  • Chopped veggies, sweet potatoes, and bananas to freeze for smoothiesDisplaying photo 4.JPG
  • Mixed and baked turkey meatloafDisplaying photo 1.JPG

(looks odd, but it’s really good!)

  • Prepped shredded chicken

Part 4:  How we use our food

I keep a food scale on the counter and measure as I go.  In the mornings I measure my chicken or turkey for lunch and throw my veggies in a pan to saute as I cook my breakfast.  This usually takes me about 15 min to fix and eat breakfast and pack my lunch.

For Breakfast:

Eggy Crepes

Displaying photo 2.JPG

Greek Yogurt Mousse

Displaying photo.JPG

I also have a couple of standards; peanut butter oatmeal and egg whites, protein pancakes with peanut butter, eggwhite wrap with guacamole, and of course a yummy chocolate peanut butter smoothie :).  I will share recipes as requested!

So the moral of the story is, with a little planning, and a little practice, you too can manage a successful and efficient meal prep and make your eating plan a whole lot easier to implement.  Fit Wife signing out.


Workouts and progress…or lack there of…

Hey there! Long time no see!

Well after a long and unavoidable absence from this blog, I am back!  A few things have happened while I was gone.  First of all, this semester of classes have been kicking my hiney!  My Level II Clinical start in just 3 short weeks and group projects, quizzes, and individual assignments have just been overwhelming on top of work and trying to stay healthy, so I had to make the decision to say goodbye to the Fit Wife for a little while and focus on work and school.  In other news…my sister had her baby!  I am so excited to be a new Aunt and it reignites my fire to be healthy, happy, and a good mentor and role model for those who want some guidance.

Today marks 3 months of working out consistently and on program.  Around January, I was really struggling mentally with balance, nutrition, and fitness.  I made the promise to myself, that if nothing else, I would get my workouts in.  For this, I am super proud of myself and I wanted to share a little bit about my philosophy on fitness and how I currently am working out.

Cardio- A necessary part of whole-body fitness.  The amount and type that you do depends on your goals, your program and your preference.  Dance, run, HIIT, classes, and various machines at your local gym are all options as long as you raise your heart rate and get sweaty!

Weight Training-  Absolutely necessary if you demand change in your body.  Build your muscles for increased caloric burn, as well as functional strength and injury prevention.

Yoga- Some love it, some hate it, but it is indisputably one of the best things you can do for your strength, flexibility, and sanity.

I think that the most challenging part about a workout routine, especially for beginners, is probably figuring out the resistance training.  There are so many machines and pieces of equipment, as well as variations of exercises, how are you supposed to know what do start with???

What I recommend for a beginner is the following…

Choose one exercise for each of the following body parts:











Train each body part at least once a week with one day in between.  I prefer one upper body day and one lower body day. You can Google exercises for each body part or look for videos on with proper form and technique.  If you are intimidated by all the weights and trying to figure out your form, the best thing you can do is start with machines until you get a better idea of how your muscles move and what the contraction of the muscle should feel like.

Let me re-emphasize some important points for beginners and weight training…

  • Focus on FORM
  • Start with machines
  • Concentrate on the CONTRACTION of the muscle

Start simple, be consistent, lift heavy enough that your muscles are burning but you can still complete the exercise with proper form.

Make sure, especially if you are trying to lose weight, that you incorporate cardiovascular training into your routine a few times a week.  Remember, heart rate up, GET SWEATY!  Below you will find a sample split for beginners:

  • Day 1:  Upper Body/ 30 min Cardio
  • Day 2:  Lower Body
  • Day 3:  30-45 min Cardio
  • Day 4:  Rest Day
  • Day 5:  Upper Body/ 30 min Cardio
  • Day 6:  Lower Body
  • Day 7:  Stretching/ Flexibility/ Rest

For more a more challenging strength routine you can try something like this:

  • Day 1:  Chest/Triceps/Core/ 45 min Cardio
  • Day 2:  Glutes/Hamstrings
  • Day 3:  45 min Cardio
  • Day 4:  Back/Biceps/Core/ 45 min Cardio
  • Day 5:  Quads/ Calves
  • Day 6:  Shoulders/ 45 min Cardio
  • Day 7:  Yoga/ Rest

The most important thing to remember is to try things out and balance your routine so that it works for you and your schedule.  Working out should not be stressful!  Hope this is helpful!