Just Roll With It…My Saturday Workout

Lately, I have been asked quite often about workouts and how I like to spend my gym time.  My answer is, my workouts vary greatly depending on my mood, my fitness goals, my energy levels, and my time constraints.  Sometimes it it is not about following a workout plan to a “T,” it is about being consistent and flexible so that your gym time is not overwhelming and your workouts are manageable.

Yesterday, I had no energy, I was starving, and I was mentally drained.  I got in my weight session, lifting lighter than usual, I did half of the cardio session that I was supposed to, and I called it a day.  I was totally coaching myself through each exercise, “Self, just get through this set and then see how you feel… oh you want to go home?  Just do 5 more minutes and then you can think about it.”  It was a painful process. 🙂

Today, I got more sleep, I was hydrated, and I felt like the energizer bunny…

Warm Up- 10 minutes Elliptical

20 min HIIT on Elliptical

Hyperextensions- 3×15

Deadlifts- 3×15

KB pullovers- 3×15

DB Curl/ Tricep Kickback Superset-3×15

Cable Curl/ Overhead Tricep Cable Ext Superset- 3×15

Hanging Leg Raises from bar- 3×10

Captain’s Chair Leg Lifts- 3×15

Cable Rotations- 3×15 each side

1 mile run

20 min walking at an incline

30 min elliptical


Now before I get all the comments about how much cardio I did, let me just say, I had a really good pre-workout snack and I was feeling great!  I did more because it felt good and I guess that is kind of my point in all this.  It is perfectly acceptable to listen to your body and your energy levels and just roll with it day to day, as long as you are making an attempt to be consistent.  Set a goal for how many days a week you want to work out, a little or a lot, just get it in. 🙂

Is this workout for me???

For those of you who are wondering, this workout is considered an “intermediate” workout, with proper form being vital in many of the exercises.  Even though my form is still not the best (especially when I’m tired), I have been coached and done research on how to perform many of these exercises in order to prevent injury (DEADLIFTS!).  That being said, if you are a beginner, please stay tuned and I will have a guest blogger posting soon with a basic workout to get started with!